Thursday, October 21, 2010

Build A Bear Cheerleader

Don't you just love Stampin' Up!'s Build A Bear Workshop stamps and dies? They are the most fun, and kids young and old alike, love them. Today's post is a bookmark card, of course, (cuz anytime I can promote reading with children, I do) for a little
girl who is a cheerleader and their colors are Black and Red, so I made our little BAB into a cheerleader complete with pom poms.

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Isn't she a cutie? I hope she likes this little card, and will make use of the removable bookmark.

Have a great day! Please leave a comment, I'm beginning to think I'm here all by myself, lol.


  1. The bears aren't my taste, but I love your idea about keeping reading in the minds of kids, especially cheerleaders (HA!)! So RAH! RAH! RAH! for YOU!

  2. I really think she is adorable ! Are those Pom Poms sparkle?? Go Team Carolyn!!!!