Saturday, October 10, 2009

Trick or Treat

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, what cha doing up there on that wreath?

I'z in your wreath, scaring your visitorz.

......Sorry, couldn't resist.

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I made this card last night when I was supposed to be making sure I
have everything ready for my workshop tomorrow. Hopefully I do,
because I looked at the Branch Out set that was out on my desk, and
thought the tree would make a great wreath. Then of course, since I'm
not doing bird cards this week, I had to make the owl into a kitty
again. I used the new Holiday Best Hostess set for the sentiment, but
added, the bird from the Branch Out set to add to the mood. Technically
it's still not a bird card, although I did cheat a little.

Whadaya think? Not sure why the kitty washed out, I did stamp him with
Stazon, but he is still cute. Plus, the ribbon on the top of the wreath
has slipped down, didn't notice until I looked at the posted picture.
Hopefully someone can gleem some inspiration from my mistakes, lol.
Thanks for coming, see ya'll later.

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