Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hostess Gift

Sorry I am late today, fell asleep on the couch last night and never got up. I was exhausted. But I will share a couple of things with you today. One is the gift I
gave my hostess at her workshop last week. It is a junior legal pad with a cover. I used the Wings of Friendship set to make this. My hostess loved it. The messed up and pulled Rose Red out for the cardstock, when I should have been pulling out Melon Mambo, but it still looks pretty good.

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The second thing I will show you today is a picture I took of a hawk on my way home
the other day. He was out looking for some food, and I couldn't resist pulling out
my camera and getting a few shots.

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I hope you enjoy checking these out, now, go enjoy your Sunday! TA!


  1. Dear Bird Woman,

    Your card is pretty! Don't you just love it when mess ups turn out? Your photo is cool too. I see where your daughter got her good eye for photography.

  2. Great picture of the hawk!! I also really like your pretty bird card! Thanks for stopping by my blog and sending me a link to see your bird picture! :o)