Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dashing towards Christmas

Is it just me or are things moving way too fast these days. Halloween is so close,
Thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas, well, that's just scary to think
about. But since the reminders are in every store, I will continue to show cards that may possibly put you in the Christmas spirit.
This one is made with Dasher, the best selling stamp in the catalog right now. I don't know if you have noticed, but on the next to last page of the Stampin' Up! catalog, there are several single stamps that are under $10. Dasher is one of those, and isn't he handsome? What a wonderful and cost efficient way to make some stunning handmade cards that you will be proud to send to your friends and family.
Check out Dasher:

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If you are interested in making some cards with Dasher, contact me, and I will help
you create a card that suits your style. Have a great day, see ya again soon.


  1. Yes the holidays are way too close - I am mentally just about ready for Labor Day.

    I like Dasher all shiny and embossed! I just got that stamp - it hasn't seen ink yet. Better get busy hadn't I?

    Your "package" went in the mail yesterday - sorry I took so long getting to the post office.