Friday, January 8, 2010

Very Vintage

Yippee! It's Friday! I'm so happy, and I get to get together with a group of great friends tomorrow and stamp. I am so excited. We always have a great time when we are
together. Ladies, if you're reading this...see you soon :o)

Ok, on to today's post. I am really loving this set from the Occasions Mini Catalog called Vintage Vogue. I love vintage items (like myself, lol) and so this is right up my alley. This color combination is one of my favorites, Bravo Burgundy and Kraft, and lends itself to the vintage style perfectly.

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Beautimous, don't you think? Thanks for dropping by today, hope to see ya again tomorrow. Don't forget to leave me a comment, pretty please.


  1. Oh Dano! After you use that for a workshop or stamp camp or whatever you need.... why don't you just slip it in the mail to me? that is REALLY PRETTY and I didn't buy that set.

    Or if you have alredy mailed it to someone, why don't you make another while you are stamping today and mail that one to me?

    Are any of these suggestions helpful? I know it would be helpful if you mailed me that card.

    Does this comment remind you of "prize" night in the chat room?

    love ya,

  2. Another pretty one C! I am soooo ready for tomorrow also! EExcited about all the stuff you have lined up to do!!

  3. Yes, Dear Clem, it really does. Do I win a prize? Do I? Do I? Yes, you win a prize! I will most definitely send this one off in the mail to you as soon as my class is over.


  4. you won't be mailing that card off to anyone...I am going to put it under my mat tomorrow.....

  5. you are too funny! I'm still mad about my one we made with Mark. I really hated to give that one away, lol.

  6. Dont Make K mad - you know she has a violent temper!!

  7. Ha Ha to you all crazy people! The card is really awesome and I totally enjoyed making it on Saturday. Wonderful selection of items to make Carolyn and I bet you got tired of hearing me say.... CAAAAAAAAAAroLYNNNNNNNNN! :-)