Friday, January 29, 2010

Bookmark Card Swap

I am part of an awesome yahoo group called VC ROCKS! We celebrate the Stampin' Up! convention each year from spring through summer with fun, friends, swaps, classes, challenges,
just lots and lots of fun. You can choose to join our "virtual hotel" and have a roommate and exchange gift boxes, just like you would at convention. This past year, I was lucky enough to be
a hotel manager for the "books and reading floor" and we had our own special swap. It was to make a bookmark card. Here is my swap card. I know that I pretty much cased this from someone, somewhere, but I don't remember who, so if it is from you, please let me know so that
I can give you credit. I did change it up a little, though.

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What do you think? Would you like to get one of these babies in the mail? I love the idea of giving a card with a little gift attached. I believe this one went to a very special friend in Texas. She wasn't in my swap, cuz she was managing the "games" floor and had her very own swap going.

VC ROCKs! is a fun time, if you love Stampin' Up! and would like to join us this year, just drop me a line and I will make sure you get an invitation when it opens for this year. You just might make some lasting friendships. I know I have.

I will be back tomorrow with something new, so come back and visit again soon.


  1. VC ROCKS!

    that is all I need to say...

  2. Very Cute! How does the book mark come off??

  3. It is just slipped in behind the Regal Rose piece and there is another one on the inside.

  4. I was blessed to GET one of these little beauties with my very own initial on it -- Yep, VC Rocks, and CAROLYN ROCKS! :)