Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jolly Old Saint Nick

Hello, and happy Wednesday! Only 10 more days 'til Christmas! Can you believe it? The time is just flying by. Hope you have all your shopping done and are starting to really enjoy the season.

Today's post is a card I threw together last night. I was working on a to share, but didn't have the star punch I need to finish it, so I will have to save it for another day....probably tomorrow, lol.

Here is today's card:

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This is another one of those cards I really don't like, but they can't all be awesome, lol. It is ok,
but I just don't love it. Maybe someone can gleam some inspiration from it, or at least what not
to do on a card ;0).

As always, thanks for spending a few moments of your day with me today. Comments are appreciated. Come on, ladies, let me know you are out there. I'm just not feeling the love out there in blog land. Have a great day.

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