Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

In honor of Black Friday, and my birthday, yes, today, I will share a Christmas Card with you made at our monthly meeting Monday night. Great card, but for some reason, it either IS crooked or I photographed it crooked, lol. It probably is crooked, it was a long night Monday night. I don't have this set, so it was fun to play with it.

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Have a great Black Friday and keep a smile on your really throws people off, lol.


  1. Happy Birthday to you Dear Carolyn!

    I can't believe I flubbed it again this year. Guess you will get a belated birthday card - actually that is what I mail most frequently.

    Dang, I really was trying to remember this year.

    Hope it is wonderful and fun and that you see some fabulous bird today that makes your heart sing!

    Hugs Dear Dano!

  2. Happy Bday!!

    I like the ornaments on this card!