Thursday, November 12, 2009

Autumn Days.......Everywhere But Here

Today's post is a card we made at my uplines house last month. I love this Faux Tearing technique. It is so easy and yet adds so much. I used the Autumn Days set for this card. What a gorgeous set. I will be sharing this card with some friends on
Thursday morning and teaching them this easy technique.

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Colors used are Really Rust, Sahara Sand Cardstocks, and Really Rust Ink.
The background stamp is En Francais, and the sentiment is from the Thank You Kindly set.

As I have said before, we don't get alot of Autumn here, but I love the colors and
have to make my own Fall. We have had a couple of cooler (80's) windy days here due
to Tropical Storm Ida milling around out in the Gulf, but tonight the AC is on and it
is November. Geez!

Anyway, thanks for dropping in, please come back soon. And leave a comment if you
don't mind, sometimes I think I am talking to myself on here.


  1. Most of the time you do talk to yourself...silly thing! I love the card....what am I supposed to type ...that I love the caard every know I do! Hope you have fun in Z'Hills today!

  2. Thanks for posting this one! I totally forgot about this technique. I need you to mail (snail mail the real thing - not just an email pic! lol)these cards to me each day after you post them!
    I love this one also!

  3. Well, first, you are making yourself a very pretty Fall if this card is any indication!

    Second, how come I never remember to layer my stamps like you did here? I love it and THANK YOU for the reminder.

    Lastly, what could be wrong with talking to yourself? I do it all the time. Sometimes I talk to the dog and sometimes I yell at my appliances but most of the time the chatter around here is me talking to me. It is OK, at least the voices in my head told me it was OK.