Tuesday, July 20, 2010

That 70's Era Scrapbook Page

FAR OUT! Today's project is brought to you by the VC Rocks! Grand Hotel 70's Floor. I am the
floor manager for the 70's Floor and I challenged my guests to make a scrapbook page, using the styles, colors and fads of the 70's. It also needed to include at least one picture of themselves or
their parents (we may have some younguns who were still just a twinkle in their parents eyes, lol) in the 70's. Here is my submission:

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What a hoot! Really brings back memories. I had those flowers all over my bedroom wall
back then. See the corded telephone with a DIAL??? or the
tongue and groove pine paneling on the walls, how about my bell bottoms or plaid pants? The
hair do's are typical 70's especially my friends afro. I was a high schooler in the mid 70's and
this definitely was MY era!

I used all retired Stampin' Up! card stocks and the Flower Folds die for the Big Shot to make the flowers, the letters were hand drawn.

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    I just wish I could see it in person. Oh, we laugh at what we looked like then. What do you think today's kids will do when they are older? Looking back at the gauged ears and drooping drawers - I guess the ear issue will still be with them. (ick!)

  2. Ellen, can you imagine how gross those gauges will look on a 80 year old? At least we wore clothes and our underwear UNDER! I made another disco girl, but couldn't figure out how to put her on this page, will add a second page soon, and send it to you.