Sunday, March 21, 2010

Punch Art Swap #2

Today's share is another of my Punch Art Swap pages. I still don't have the swap back yet, so once again, if you are in the swap and don't want to get a spoiler. DO NOT scroll any further, lol.

I was flipping through tv channels and came across a cartoon with an ostrich. I kept going then thought, that ostrich's head looked like the butterfly punch. So I went back and took a closer look. Lucky for me, my friend Ellen had recently sent me a baggie full of Stampin' Up! butterfly punches, since I didn't own that one. And low and behold, she sent gray, so this little birdie was born. Thanks again, Ellen, for the punched butterflies, and for once again enabling me since shortly after that I purchased this punch, lol. Gee, guess that's what friends are for.

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It is my little Ostrich. I really love him. I was sent the punch art fairy for a short stint awhile back from my friend Ellen the punchart QUEEN! Then he (the fairy) went home, and I have been suffering ever since, lol. I have to go to Ellen's blog to get my fix.

Two more to go. Keep checking in, not sure when I will post them. Thanks for stopping in today.
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  1. Hi Carolyn, love your ostrich. But I don't own the butterfly punch so I will order one next time. It was very nice to meet you at Amanda's event. I can't wait to see your swap. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I for one am thrilled with the inspiration fairy's visit when you designed this cute ostrich. This page is great, but since I have the advantage of seeing all of your other pages, I know they are ALL great! LOL!! I think everyone involved in this swap will be pleased, I KNOW I am.