Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bronco Bustin'

We were out this weekend in the pasture quite a bit and of course, our horse, was milling around getting her nose in things. Today's card made me think of her.
I don't ride anymore since I got pretty busted up several years ago, will probably never ride again. I'm pretty sure I didn't look as good as the cowboy on this card when the horse I was on started bucking. Long story made short, I spent several days in the hospital and had surgery on my shoulder and collarbone and am now the proud owner of several pieces of plastic and metal that will be with me forever. I still love horses, though so here is todays card, from a retired Stampin' Up! set called (I believe) Bronc Buster.

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It's a girly card all in pink and brown. My favorites.

Thanks for coming by again today. I appreciate you.


  1. This is Kellee - My boss keeps using my computer for her email and it logs in under her!

    You have completely won my heart with this one!!! May have to visit and borrow it :-)

    Have a Great Wednesday! (it is Wed right?!?!)

  2. I love this card......everything about it!

  3. Great card! Love the double-punched scalloped circle - really makes it. And love the color combo - pink & brown is one of my faves, too :)