Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Canada Dry

I was visiting a friend last night, and while we were sitting in the kitchen chatting, I happened to spy a Canada Dry Ginger Ale can sitting on the counter waiting to go to the recycle bin outside. Of course, the colors were perfect for Christmas Cards, so I brought it home and ran it through Mr. Big Shot. I was careful not to cut myself, cuz that stuff is SHARP! I have this fear of knives....anyway, I ran it through and it cut it like butter and with no sharp edges, they are rounded so you don't have to worry about you or your recipient getting cut. I wanted to pick up the Crushed Curry in the snowflake, along with both greens and the red, so here is my card.

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How cool is that snowflake? The rest of the card is sorta blah, but the snowflake is awesome! I think everyone should get out Mr. Big Shot and recycle those soda cans, the possibilities are endless.

Have a great Wednesday, see ya again soon.


  1. WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAA toooo COOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imma gonne go walk alongside the road and pick up some cans! Thank you for the delivery last night!

  2. You are a NUT!! That is too cool! Be sure to post it on some websites!!!

  3. So hard to believe the edges aren't sharp! But I do believe you. What a unique idea - wish I had a coke can or two to play with.

  4. Gorgeous as always, Carolyn! You should make a soda can snowflake ornament for the gift exchange Monday night - maybe I'd be lucky enough to get it!!!